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Welcome to Snaglr
Welcome to Snaglr
Snaglr AI

What is Snaglr

Snaglr is an AI powered, image based, content aggregation service. Snaglr crawls, sorts, and publishes content, and news from hundreds of relevant sources every hour. Unlike many aggregation services out there today, Snaglr does not require your registration or membership to function, nor do we require you to download a mobile app to function of mobile devices. Snaglr is everything that is wrong with content aggregation sites, fixed.

News Cleaned by A.I.

One of the most important features that power Snaglr, is one that you're likely to never notice is there. Our AI filtering is checking, and cleaning news tiles before it ever reaches the page. From cleaning tile content, so it makes more sense, to the complete removal of items that don't belong on Snaglr, the AI is monitoring crawled content, and ensuring your Snaglr experience is top notch.


One of the largest differences between Snaglr and other similar services is our emphasis on images. Snaglr allows multiple control over many appearance of tiles, but the default is only showing news with images.


Snaglr takes your privacy very seriously. This is why Snaglr doesn't call any 3rd party tracking scripts in our code. It's why we ensure all our content, including images are loaded from https. It is also one of the main reasons, we've decided to not run 3rd party ad code on Snaglr, and only link to our own products.

Snaglr only monitors users, using our own local code, that helps us build a better site. None of our statistically gathered data is shared with 3rd parties.


Snaglr offers sorting option not only by images, we also allow you to control nearly every facet of the news tile appearance. Including, removing the description, removing images, and even only showing tiles with images, and their description. If that wasn't enough, we even allow sorting by trending keyword n each page, move active site, or how recent the content was published.

Traditional Layout

Not a fan of tiles across your whole screen? Snaglr offers a traditional layout option for every section. This organizes our tiles into the traditional blog layout, with large tiles, running down the center. Useful if you like larger images, all the time.


Each sections Slider page shows you one tile at a time, as it rotates to a new tile in slideshow fashion. Sliders are there for you, when you just want to kick back, and look at the news. Eating a meal, and can't scroll? Not a problem when on a Slider page.


From the ground up, Snaglr has been designed with mobile in mind. Every single page, and section has maticuliously been looked over, to ensure it functions, performs well on a mobile device.


The Snaglr community is built specifically to feel like a social network. As Snaglr grows, the community will become more engrained in how Snaglr functions, and how news and content is shared among members.


We are continuing to innovate, and think of new ways that Snaglr content should be accessible. We have a lot of features that are non-existant in other content aggregators. We hope these features will be enjoyed by all who visit.

We've spent an emmense amount of time tooling Snaglr to be the best it can be. Many iterations later, we're finally here. Enjoy many years of development, and consider sharing with your friends and on social networks.

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What are Overloads?

Overloads contain multiple Snaglr sections of similar topics, and are merged together for a broader coverage of that topic.

Did You Know

You can right click tiles (swipe on mobile) to enlarge, and shrink them.